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Cubar chain titanium steel hip-hop bracelet

Cubar chain titanium steel hip-hop bracelet

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Material: Stainless steel
brand: Mena jewelry
production code: PJL23
Sales serial number: 20210102LQY
type: Bracelet
Style: Gender
colour: Steel 3mm * 18cm, steel color 3mm * 22cm, gold 3mm * 22cm, gold 3mm * 18cm, black 3mm * 22cm, steel color 5mm * 22cm, gold 5mm * 18cm, gold 5mm * 22cm, black 5mm * 18cm, black 5mm * 18cm, steel color 7mm * 22cm, gold 7mm * 18cm, gold 7mm * 22cm, black 7mm * 18cm, black 7mm * 22cm

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